紅毛港 家變 Homeless


In 2007, the capacity of Kaoshiung Harbor continued to drop. The Harbor Bureau decided to build No. 6 container yard. Hongmiao Harbor was flatted out. A fishing village of over 300 years disappeared from the map.

我們+小黃 A Little Missing Cab


A taxi driver, who was luckily enough to win a  lottery, decided to take his family out for a  trip. During the trip, the father accidentally  left the key on the car. Both the taxi and  lottery ticket got stolen...

這裡 The Place

故事中的社會是現代社會的放大版,以媒體和戰爭暴力為核心,人們在這樣的社會裡變得冷漠,甚至失去自我 ; 媒體的肆虐,造就統一的思想,擁有想像力,有思考或想法都是不允許的,但人還算是個體嗎?

When the world is manipulated by violence of media and war, people become detached. And no longer have thoughts, creativity, and passion. Do human beings still exist as individuals? Maybe the nature is the only way out.

氧 H2O Pervading


Vivian came from a single parent family who is  not being loved. After knowing her dad was going to get married to another woman, Vivian decided  to take on a trip alone. She never expected the  one night stand would bring her a child.

秘密海 Secret Sea


A letter brought Hsiaomuo back the memories of several good friends and forced him to face the past he did not want to think of. What really happened at the seaside in that summer?

水星 Mercury


Yi-en was a high school girl who had done something wrong and tried to get back on track. Somehow, the past mistake made her a target of all the others in school. Zhi-wei was her only friend. Under the pressure of school faculties, Yi-en dropped out of the school and moved onto her own path.

華新街 Huasin Street


In Taiwan, there are a lot of overseas Chinese student from Myanmar. Huasin Street is a place where they gather and pursue a sense of belonging.

焉知水粉 Crossing the sentiMENtal Desert


In the summer of 1993, Chishiung, Awang's son, went back to his hometown from Taipei to help out with his father's steamed-bun shop. One day, Chishiung made "bing-bao" in Vietnamese taste. The foreign taste had caused a sense of invasion...

那年.我們 The Past


Xiao Jie and Cheng En was a couple, they composed songs with Sun Lan, and performed as a band. Their friendship was solid until Sun Lan and Cheng En was on an impulse, causing the band breaks.

西門 Shimen


In 1905 (Megi 38), a lovely couple failed to meet up because "Simen" had been torn down by the government. The male lead, Mr. Ugly, had waited in front of what was left of Simen until his black hair gradually turned into white.



A conservative woman owned a fish that always daydreamed of the world outside the fish tank. In the eyes of the fish, flowers and windows were a media of self exploration.Guided by the fish, the woman came back to an awareness of her original state.

布雷克馬力歐! BLACK MARI.OH!


This film presents a different Super Mario ever played. During the journey, after the players hit the cubes, they will get menacing weapons to start the slaughter. And more lives taken will be rewarded more coins...

抓周 Pick a Future


A young couple practiced the ancient "ZHUA-ZHOU" ceremony in order to find out the future of their child on the child's 1st birthday. With the subjective influence of the adults, what would the child pick?

債 Guilty


After his mother passed away, Zhong's father who was a layback person became addicted to gambling. His buddy, Ahe, introduced Zhong who was a grade. A student to the gang. It had brought Zhong the side of life he had never seen before.

下午 The Afternoon


In a wonderful afternoon, Kiki was looking forward to going to a movie with her family. However, her parents got into a fight and in the end, the father left with anger. When Kiki thought the afternoon would be spent in the most depressing way, an unexpected guest came to visit...

無名馬 Horse with no name


Sheng, a normal teenager who was fascinated by photography and believed all his daily life was in the picture. Outside the dark room, Sheng was actually an unpopular one who was often bullied at school. He had been facing all kinds of humiliations until the transfer student came...

尋人啟事 Missing


All the hopes and love were tied into the Missing Note. When remembrance was torn by the cruel truth, the dream of seeking was broken. Was there only responsibility left between the seeking and the sought?

在路上 On The Road


Ruei, Kay, Kang and Kai had organized a rock band since the time in the university. Although the band was not in a great success, they never doubt their passion and dream. One day, they heard the death of Ruei. Their dream was erased in an instant. The three that were left behind decided to take the journey promised with Ruei...

一天 Day After Day


Yuhsiang, who suffered from chronic illness for a long time, came to the hospital as usual with his mother. The report confirmed that he had a rare disease which cannot be cured...

房間裡的戰爭 A war in the room


One night, the boy saw the way his father attempted to murder his mother. The next day, the living room changed as the boy woke up. His mother returned, but his father had never shown up...

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